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A little about Joyelle...

 Joyelle is a radical self love warrior. She is a speaker and artist, an author and singer-songwriter. She believes that our stories possess the power to transform our greatest pain into beautiful works of art.


Joyelle says she was a weird kid, who often hid from the world in any book she could find. She was quiet, sensitive, and creative, and spent her days writing poems and songs, painting pictures and telling stories. She didn’t fit in at school, so she hid out in the music room a lot. She endured childhood abuse and horrific bullying. and has dedicated her life to helping others who have suffered the same.


Charles De Lint wrote “All endeavor is art when rendered with conviction.” Joyelle's greatest work of art then is to live her life with passion and purpose. She believes that love, kindness, and gratitude are the cornerstones of this life well-lived, and endeavors to live as a beacon of light, showing others their innate beauty.


Joyelle writes books for parents and kids that teach kindness and radical self love. She is a relentless advocate for body positivity and utilizing the creative arts for personal healing.


If you would like to have Joyelle speak or perform at your event, please contact her at, or call 778-888-1395.