Diagnosis, a Written on the Body poem



He flips back through my chart,

scanning for evidence

of my broken-ness

to confirm his perfunctory diagnosis.


The squinty eyes light up

under his bushy eyebrows,

as he finds what he is

looking for.


“Ah, I see you have

been tampered with.”


I leave his office labeled





Many years later

she tells me

with deep compassion

in her voice:


“We are never

too broken

to be healed.”


And I want to believe her.


I am tired of being

the broken girl.


It feels such a vast expanse,

the Grand Canyon inside me.

I will have to stretch my wings

to fly across the divide.


But I am ready to let go

of this comfortable agony

and leap into the unknown,

trusting that Grace will send me

rising thermals to coast

when my wings tire.


I am ready.


All that is left now

is to step

off the edge.






© Joyelle Brandt 2016

Graveyard of Dreams

"From the ashes of our unfulfilled dreams comes new life."

This painting honors all the unfulfilled dreams that paved the way for our current lives to take shape.

This is a sister painting to last month's piece, Dreams Taking Flight. Both original 12x12 paintings are available for sale in my online shop here.