The 2016 Love Your Body Summit

The Love Your Body Summit brought together some of the top body positive activists from Canada and the US for a day of inspiration and body loving! The day included amazing speakers, workshops in art, writing, yoga, and dance, and finished off with a heart opening dance party with DJ Tree. The summit launched my new series of body positive events and workshops, and was followed shortly by the launch of my signature online class, Be Kind to Your Body. For info on upcoming workshops, talks, and online classes, subscribe below. I promise to never spam or share your contact information.


To get a taste of what the day was all about, watch the video of the Body Love Now Photo Project by Joyelle Brandt and photographer Michele Mateus:

Thank you to everyone who made the 2016 Love Your Body Summit a success! The date for 2017 is February 18th. Huge thanks to the following sponsors and exhibitors who made the event possible: